Backflow devices are installed on most homes that have an irrigation or sprinkler system setup in their yard.  Kansas City and many cities in the surrounding area required this to be well maintained and tested every year to make sure the device is performing as it should.  What is the purpose of the backflow you may ask?  It is to prevent the water that has come into contact with possible contaminants such as dirt or chemicals from getting drawn back into the drinking water, which could make you or your family ill. 

Testing and Repairs

Hunt plumbing has certified backflow testers that can make sure your drinking water is safe.  You can call to set up an appointment anytime you receive a notice letter from your local city that it is time for your annual backflow testing.  Hunt Plumbing will alway send all reports directly to the city and mail you a copy as well.

If the backflow device fails a test, our plumber will let you know what steps will have to be taken next.  Most of the time the backflow device can be repaired, but in the rare case that it cannot, we will give you our fair price to have it replaced with a new city approved backflow device.