Hot Water Heaters

Typically we never think twice about our hot water heaters, which work hard every day to provide us with nice hot water.  Most new water heaters come with many safety features that need to be set up correctly during installation, please leave this to the professionals.  Our plumbers have the experience you need to make sure that new water heaters, whether they be gas, electric, or tankless, as installed properly and safely.


The lifespan of most gas and electric water heaters is only about 10 years and the manufacturer warranty only usually covers about 6 of those years.  You should routinely check around your hot water heater for any dampness, leaks, or odors.  

You should have your water heater examined if you have these symptoms:

  • Running out of hot water
  • Brown or rusty colored water
  • Foul rotten egg odors
  • Rumbling, squealing, or popping noises
  • Water leaks from heater