Main Line Drain Cleaning

The drains in our homes work hard and daily use can cause buildup from wastes such as soap, grease, and hair. Over time the buildup of such wastes will cause homes to need sewer and drain cleaning services.  Older homes will often have their sewer lines invaded by tree roots.  We will run a drain auger or snake through the pipes to clear the clog rather than some harsh chemical drain cleaner that is bad for your pipes and the environment.  Don't let a clogged drain get you down! Hunt Plumbing​ has the experience it takes to clear out any type of drain line whether it be your bathtub, sink or main line.

Symptoms that might indicate a main line clog:

Multiple backups or slow drains in the house

Water coming up in your basement floor drain when you flush or use the shower

Water coming up in the shower drain when you wash laundry

If you experience any of these issues, call right away.  We provide 24/7 emergency services.

It could mean that polluted wastewater is backing up into your home.

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